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Peter has a degree in Graphics Design from Cal Poly and began his career as a photographer and art director.  But it's his decades of strategic marketing communications experience at Intel Corporation that differentiates Peter Morgan Marketing.  Peter leads a team of communications professionals that have delivered years of successful, measurable world-class marketing programs for Intel and other Fortune 50 industry leaders.

Peter's long marketing communications history spans print, web, advertising, PR, trade shows/events, packaging and brand identity.  No matter what the final communications channel, the genesis is always a strategic communications plan created to support marketing and sales objectives while reinforcing corporate brand strategy. Peter is highly skilled in crafting messages and designing programs that resonate with the target audience to move them to the next step in the sales cycle.  Below is an overview of services and recent examples:


Brand Strategy, Identity and Messaging:
We won't embark on a marketing communications program until there is a rock-solid brand strategy in place and well-articulated messages crafted for defined audience segments. Then an elegant identity that communicates the brand serves as the cornerstone for marketing communications programs.

Internet Marketing:
Too many web sites are simply on-line brochures with some animation as eye candy.  Our approach focuses on creating a web presence that communicates the brand, delivers tightly honed messages and performs valuable functions that drive customers through the sales cycle.


Collateral, Print Advertising, Direct Marketing & Packaging:
It all started for Peter with graphic design for printed collateral and direct marketing.  Peter Morgan Marketing consistently delivers targeted messages in eloquently designed communications pieces that deliver measurable results and return on investment.

Trade Shows, Events & Speakerships:
Peter managed Intel's U.S. Trade Show and Events Marketing Team producing 100+ exhibits, events and experiential marketing programs annually.  Peter increases effectiveness of keynotes to position company speakers as a credible industry spokespersons maximizing message breakthrough and pickup through compelling audience experiences.

Intel "Duo Zone" in New York Keynote production Gavin Degraw concert for Intel customers

Peter is a composer/musician, photographer and marketing expert with years of producing multimedia and video for sales tools, training and as keynote content. Peter's music has been featured in FORTUNE Magazine, on the Smithsonian US tour and in numerous PBS specials.
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